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Big Boss TV Game

Big Boss TV Tycoon

A game where you manage your own TV station

Exploration Colony Game

Exploration Colony

A turn-based strategy game with simple graphics, long matches and deep gameplay.

Lord Paravia Game

Lord Paravia

Rule your own kingdom on this minimalist Medieval business simulation.

Real Eistein Game

Real Eistein's Riddle

The #1 pure logic game on Android and iOS. Based on the famous Einsten's five houses riddle.

Real Jigsaw

Real Jigsaw

The #1 free Jigsaw for Android, with over 15 million downloads! Also available for iPhone and iPad.

Real nonogram

Real Nonogram

A picross number puzzle that makes you think.


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Rottz Games was created in 2013, aiming at bringing fun and intelligent games to Android and iOS, both gamers and non-gamers.

On these 6 years we have worked on over 25 games, and Real Jigsaw is our most successful game with over 300 million matches played and 15 million downloads.